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Broker Price Opinion

USA Valuation Services, AZ LLC provides service for the United States, US Territories, and Canada for its default clients who depend on speedy real time delivery of accurate BPOs. All BPO products are accompanied with exterior and comparable photos. Interior BPO products are accompanied with exterior, interior and comparable photos.

Through our proprietary internet based system, USA Valuation Services, AZ LLC enhances business knowledge by allowing authorized users to mine critical information from all current and historical BPO data.

File History

Each BPO maintains a permanent record of changes and communication in tracing the passage of the BPO through its lifecycle.

Search Feature

Increases efficiency by enabling users to find the information they need quickly and effortlessly by loan number or borrower name.


USA Valuation Services, AZ LLC software has been designed for all products with over 250 embedded audit checks to insure complete, accurate, and speedy valuation delivery.

Every BPO valuation is reviewed by USA Valuation Services, AZ LLC experienced Quality Control Team prior to the release to our client.

Completed Orders

Each order is inputted in real time to the USA automated work flow module. USA Valuation Services, AZ LLC module has built in audit checks to insure all data required of the BPO product has been completed 100%.

Quality Control

Each BPO is processed through the Quality Control Team to insure that the BPO product is in alignment in all aspects to the subject property prior to release to the client. The Quality Control Team will contact the Agent if there are any irregularities found in the BPO to make sure the Agent reconciles the BPO. Should reconciliation not be met by the existing agent, the client is notified and the order is reassigned to another agent with the client’s approval.

USA Valuation Services, Az LLC

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Servicing the United States, US Territories and Canada
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